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We have launched an health and safety program to comply with Costa Rican Health Department measures.

Health and safety of our guests are our number one priority. We will do whatever we can to make sure our guests to provided with the highest level of cleanliness and best hygiene practices during their time spent at Casa Nyüngo Diriá.


We are proud to be called a home away from home by many of our returning guests, therefore,  we would like to ensure our guests feel as safe as they would in their homes.

This is what we do...


  • Housekeepers use PPE when entering bedrooms – a mask and new set of gloves worn for each room.

  • We use disinfectant chemical (Evans EC4) used on all surfaces.

  • Extra cleaning/disinfecting of high touch areas such as TV remotes, door handles, light switches.

  • All linen cleaned and sanitised by a professional laundry company.

  • Bedrooms are ventilated for 24 hours after departure of the last guest, and sanitised ready for a new arrival on the 2nd day.


  • The shower uses an additional filtering system to the house, to improve the quality of the water with which you take a shower. This filter prevents rust, odors, sand, pollution, plankton and removes chlorine. 

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Public Areas

  • Hand Sanitiser (70% alcohol) dispensers are installed throughout public areas.

  • Disinfectant wipes available.


  • All bed linen and laundry continue to be washed at a high temperature and in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

Shared Equipment

  • Tools and equipment is sanitized before and after each guest arrives. This includes computers, kitchen implements, cleaning equipment, beach items and everything we provite to use for free.

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